Music Art Love

Over the years Sylvia Toth became increasingly interested in the arts. It enriched her live. This has led her to start collecting. Hundred of her artworks and musical experiences you can find in this publication. The combination is special. Music Art Love is not intended for sale. It s a collectors Item.

ISBN: 978-90-78670-72-8
Framed creativity by Sylvia Tóth

Framed creativity

Sylvia Tóth is fascinated by human beings at work and goes in search of the connection between these two concepts. From a deeply personal perspective, she describes her meetings and openhearted discussions with men and women who are known for their craftsmanship.

ISBN: 90 5018 188 0
A successful enterprise by Sylvia Tóth

A successful enterprise

What is the secret of Content’s success? The woman behind this successful company is Sylvia Tóth. By the age of 28 she was already director of Content.

ISBN: 90 218 3832 X NUGI 684