Framed creativity

What does Alfred Heineken have in common with Shirley Bassey? And what do the president of Iceland and a sculptor have in common?
Creativity and craftsmanship

Creativity: the most mysterious capacity of the human mind.
Craftsmanship: the best result that the human mind is capable of producing.

Sylvia C. Tóth is fascinated by human beings at work and goes in search of the connection between these two concepts.
From a deeply personal perspective, she describes her meetings and openhearted discussions with men and women who are known for their craftsmanship.
Photographer Vincent Mentzel also captures them in penetrating portraits.
The people were selected on the basis of Tóths personal admiration and her aim to provide multiple perspectives on the valuable way in which the mystery of creativity is expressed in craftsmanship.
For Tóth, creativity is not a gift that is exclusively applicable to achievements that we consider artistic.
She is convinced that love of the work and creativity are criteria for groundbreaking insights, top achievements and successful management – in other words, craftsmanship – in science, sport and business.

Framed Creativity contains 19 chapters in which Tóth speaks to her interviewees about their youth and their careers, the high points and the setbacks. About the circumstances in which they were able to develop their creativity and produce craftsmanship.
Visual arts, music, cultural philosophy, haute cuisine, fashion, top management, politics… Framed Creativity is a varied and highly personal introduction to the mystery of creativity and the result of craftsmanship.
Sylvia C. Tóth is chairwoman of the management board of Content Beheer. She is the only woman in the Netherlands at the helm of a company quoted on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. She is also chairwoman of the Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund in our country (see back flap).
Framed Creativity follows her first book A Successful Enterprise. ..

ISBN: 90 5018 188 0