A successful enterprise

What is the secret of Content’s success?

The woman behind this successful company is Sylvia Tóth.
By the age of 28 she was already director of Content, which was owned by a large group of British investors at the time. The buy-out by Sylvia Tóth sparked a publicity explosion. She was named Businesswoman of the Year in 1985 and a year later floated Content on the Parallel Market, a unique achievement for a woman in the Netherlands.

In "A successful enterprise" Sylvia Tóth describes how she reached the top, her vision of organisational and financial business management, the buy-out, the quotation on the stock exchange and the impact that going public has on an organisation.
"A successful enterprise" is not just a personal success story. It is a book that has something for every modern manager.

ISBN: 90 218 3832 X NUGI 684